Tuesday, November 22, 2005

क ख का ब्रेक

क कथा

क कवित्त
क कुत्ता
क कंकड़
क कुकुरमुत्ता ।

कल भी क था
क कल होगा ।

क क्या था
क क्या होगा।

कोमल ? कर्कश ?

अक्तूबर २००३ (पश्यंती २००४)
ख खेलें

खराब ख
ख खुले
खेले राजा
खाएं खाजा ।

खराब ख
की खटिया खड़ी
खिटपिट हर ओर
खड़िया की चाक
खेमे रही बाँट ।

खैर खैर
दिन खैर
शब बखैर ।

अक्तूबर २००३ (पश्यंती २००४)


Jitendra Chaudhary said...

बहुत अच्छा लगा पढकर
मजा आ गया। आगे भी लिखिये।

Kalicharan said...

very interesting, unique and refreshing

अनुनाद सिंह said...

बहुत अच्छी लगी ये छोटी कविता | पर पिछली प्रविष्टियों से भी अधिक कठिन लगी |

mysterouge said...

i can't figure out how to post in hindi. never mind post a comment. anyway, this is your daughter, in case you are wondering Bapu. though you probably knew that.
those (aghhhhh I hate not being able to type in Hindi how do I refer to the first two consonants of the hindi alphabet...)two poems above are interesting but I was trying to look for deeper significance. after a while I thought they could have deep significance because maybe they're like referring to how the mundane transfixes itself onto our lives.... er... whatever... anyway...
OH! I forgot. I want your poems because I have to make a poetry anthology and I can use like 2 of friends' or family's poems. Except you'll have to translate them or send some of your english ones because Mr L doesn't know Hindi.
the later one looked slightly more like a haiku but it was more like a telling of what you were going to do (the ludhiana one.)
of course you write excellently so there's practically no use in me commenting.

mysterouge said...

also how come the chhoti e is sometimes on the wrong consonant? that's weird....

Pratik Pandey said...

आपकी ये कविताएँ पढ़कर नागार्जुन की याद आ गयी।